SA Well+ Training Day

  • Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Today the engineering staff of KS Leisure Engineering were down at Loughborough HQ  attending a training course with our partners SportsArt UK on their new SA Well+ system. SA Well+ is an Eco system which helps re-generate watts back into the grid. The machines are powered by users on equipment such as a bike, cross trainer or spin bike etc and through a SportArt app available on iOS or Android you can easily access your fitness info such as calories burned, time accumulated, distance, average pace, heart rate as usual – but with a twist! Each individual user can track and monitor through their training methods just how much energy they are putting back into the grid by measuring actual watts.

Club owners can set monthly competitions or monitor their top club users per calendar month. This can work in both user and owners benefits. The more the user puts back into the grid discount their monthly memberships be a certain % encouraging to train harder for regular monthly discounts also encouraging healthy competition from other members, great motivation and incentives.

The SA Well+ system is just hitting the market making it the first ever company in the world to go eco-friendly and we are proud to be a part of the engineering team that will be working hand in hand on this system. The sooner this takes off in the UK the better. Then we can all say we have had a hand in cleaning not just the UK but the planet.

Posted by Greg Summers 30/07/18

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